Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Let Your Mind Takeover

With the London Olympics around the corner, the questions in all of our mind is, "How many medals is India going to win"? Being so close to top competitive form myself, fresh off the 2 Olympics that i have competed in and having the experience of both winning and loosing, i can actually feel myself get into the skin of every Indian athlete bound for the mega sporting extravaganza.

There are four months to the opening ceremony and here onwards, the mind takes over. The competitions prior to the Olympic Games can be extremely important. Every sportsperson will sensibily use these opportunities to be in top competitive form by Jul/Aug at the time of the Games. Like a Tiger in sight of the prey in a herd, instinct will tell him when to launch, provided he has had the experience to have built one and trusts his instinct.

Who you win against, how you win, or how you have played even if lost, the ability and the confidence to re produce the moves, or the small errors that you are happy to have noticed now rather then later, the feeling of conserving the hunger to win- to let a weaker player win prior to the Olympics and smile within. The continuous tempering of your mind, like a guitar that is being tuned to play the perfect note when called upon; the feeling itself is sheer magic.

Just like being in the thick of anti terrorist operations- heightened senses, ready yet relaxed muscles, eyes watching in peripheral vision, listening in to the people and sensing their emotions for a give away, the feeling of being hunted while hunting. Such moments are pure magic, off course, only later. At that moment, you are zoned, too involved to feel pleasure or fear and if you do feel either, you are close to being dead, be it a soldier or a sportsperson (figuratively).

I have a good sense of how each of our athletes and sportspersons will fare. Its also time to leave them to do what best they can do. The unpredictability is the spice of life and hope keeps us going, the mind is so powerful that it maker turn dreams into reality. Lets watch them closely from now to the Olympic Games and may the best player win. Sports to look out for- Boxing, Archery, Shooting, Badminton