Sunday, July 20, 2008

Jet Set Go

Hi, I have about a week to leave for beijing. We are now doing, if i can say, the last minute nuts and bolts check of the equipment and shooting style. All this is happening in Brescia, Italy. My gun manufacturers, Perazzi, are based in Brescia and so are a couple of shooting ranges where we train. Since I am travelling straight to Beijing, I will miss the fanfare send off to the Indian Olympic Team which i guess would be around the end of Jul 08.

I am looking forward to the Olympic Games. In the last four years i have been training very hard, its not been physically hard always but it sure has been mentally very tough coping with the training and life becasue of variety of reasons but then difficulty, hurdles, challenges come to face all of us in diffrent forms and to face off with them with a will to overcome them is part of the winning. And it goes for each of us.

I look forward to being part of the largest sporting meet. I also wish the very best to the entire Indian Olympic contingent.

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