Monday, July 28, 2008

Olympic Village

Hi Guys, reached the village yesterday night, late night. The first thing that we did here? Walk into the dinning hall ( i guess the size of 3 football fields put together), mind you we had been at the security check area of the village for 6 hours (unusually long) waiting for India's Delegation Registration Meeting with the organisers of Beijing Olympic Games to be finallised so that we could get into the village as residents.
Morning was at 7.30 am and we headed off to the shooting range. I had an italian shooter, Daneillo Francesco to give me company and we did a bit of training.
The targets seem fine, not so hard as last time that we were at Beijing for the test event. They were flying pretty smooth. The humidity is really something here, you are dripping of sweat in a few minutes, got to watch for our hydration. I guess i should not be complaining at all about humidity, being from Delhi, India. Cool, no probs, we'll handle all this... and more. Adios Amigos


CanIWrite said...

Hi Mr. Rathore,

I wish you Good Luck and Success at the Beijing Olympics!!

Hope India bags a lot of medals this time...

Looking forward to all the blogs from Indian athletes...

Sohan Kamat

Rohan said...

Hello Mr.Rathore,

Here's Wishing you all the very best at the Olympics. Have a great time, enjoy the Olympics and give it your best shot, as always.

I believe, our shooting team to the Olympics is the best this time, and we should be hopefull of more than 1 medals this time.

All the Best to the Indian Contingent


Pankaj said...

Hi Chilly Sir,
here is wishing you all the very best ... I am sure you shally bring glory once again to our country, our army, our alma mater and the echo sqn ... I for one do know what hard trg and challenges you have overcome in the last 4 years ... sorry could not call you before you left Delhi ... all the best once again ...Pankaj Fotedar

Suraj Chandrakar said...
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Suraj Chandrakar said...

Mr. Rathore

Hopefully, you'll win Gold this year. Put up a great show, your fans would be tracking you closely over here. Best wishes!


Gary said...

Please don't loose your confidence, don't get nervious.
stay cool & calm.confidence it key to sucess. don't let pressue mount on you


Sunnie said...

Give your best Chilli!!! This is your fellow brother wishing you all the luck thats in store for me.