Thursday, August 28, 2008

chillin out

on a different front; I have been chillin out, i love working out so spend high quality time at the gym with weights. And when i am in fitness mode, which incidentally i had been for a good year and half since 2005, i eat healthy and actually eat about 7-8 meals a day ha ha. I had been off weights for a long time due to the exhausting preparation for Olympics, I am happy that i have time now for some indulgence. I now weigh 84 kgs with 13% body fat (I am 6.2 feet), my target is to be 90 kgs with 10% body fat. which means an increase of approx 7 kgs of muscle mass, wow, that might look nice.

I have just come back from attending a military function at Pathankot. It was great to be back to the simple fauji life. The soldiers, with whom i had operated in anti terrorist operations in kashmir, dressed in combat uniforms, had made a little paradise of the wilderness. We sat, eat and competed together in various games to re-live the old camaraderie. Sometimes these simple pleasures of life bring us lots of happiness which lasts a much longer time. Incidentally, very close by, in Jammu city, the nation was witnessing a hostage crises where some of my military friends were combating the anti-national elements at the risk of their lives. Everybody has fear but only a few overcome it.

I am taking this time off and looking at life from another perspective. I am sure, it will give me some insight as to what i really want in life and start with re-newed energy. To all those who are pursuing a dream; if you believe in yourself and you want it more then anything else in your life, then YOU WILL LIVE YOUR DREAM.


Kaustubh said...

Chilli is FINALLY Chillin!
I`m really happy for you.

Indianize the world said...

the last sentence is absolutely true!!!!i ve experienced it!!now what i wish for aprt frm eradication of corruption and poverty in our country is that military people who serve the nation like yourself need to be given more care,attention and must be looked after!u people must get the limelight!wat ur doing is no ordinary thing!!!thanks a million!and do continue posting articles.

proud indian,
Jai Hind!

neo said...

hello chilly sir!
Its good to know that you are enjoying a well earned break.You are my role-model.Though we won the gold first time in olympics this year,but it was your silver medal at the athens which made us believe that we can now look forward to win medals other than bronze.Hats off to you!
I hope you are not calling it quits.We know the best is yet to come from you.
Keep posting.
Jai Jawan!

maneesh rathore said...

well said sheikh chilly..

blondie said...

I didnt know u had a blog,but now that i found it,i ve just wanted to say hi,and to say that im glad that u r chillin;)
spero che c sentiamo.