Thursday, August 21, 2008

your support; a life line for us

Hi Friends,

I wish to thank all those who have supported me during the preparations and after the Games. I have read all the comments that you have posted. In simple words, you guys are great, very sporting and am proud to have fellow Indians like yourselves. Your support is very important for us, especially the Olympic Sportsmen, as we usually get very little of it.. ha ha.

Am sure what you say will play an important part in whatever I do ahead. It reminds of the line," why do we fall- So that we can learn to pick up ourselves".

Wish you guys all the best.


Aditya Singh said...

The Entire Country is with you. We will keep supporting you.

You are a Champ! A real hero! The results we are getting in Beijing is because of your courage, determination, hardwork & success.

Ive been to your talk in IIM Lucknow during Manfest. Would like to know whether you have a profile on Facebook like other Indian Olympians.

Eagerly waiting for your Reply.

Jai Hind

Aditya :)

Rahul Chandran said...

Dear sir,

Thank You for having put up this blog. You have made yourself accessible to all of us.Its more than a pleasure to interact with a person of your stature and attitude. Please do continue to put up more posts. It should serve as a great inspiration upon hearing from you directly. I hope and pray that India has bright prospects ahead, in the sporting arena and more than that our great sportsmen will continue to invest efforts to find out and nurture youngsters. If possible could you please come up with practical suggestions as to what college students like me can do to promote sports ? . I would very much wish to make my contribution however slight it maybe. My best wishes to all your future endeavours.

Rahul Chandran

Indianize the world said...

Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore....its coz of U that India has won 3 medals in Beih=jing!!!u started it all in Athens!!we owe it all to you!!Please continue to post on the blog.Whatever u say inspires me.U Olympians are our real hero!!!
PLEASE PLEASE dont retire.
we know it takes a lot of prep for Olympics but cant u give one last double shot,literally at the london olympics.pleaseeeeeeee

Love u so much,
proud to be an Indian,
Jai Hind

Kaustubh said...

You`ve said it yourself, Sir.
"Situations have a way of changing.
Don`t expect help, Help Yourself.
The day you help yourself is the day u start to succeed"
I have lived by your interview on Times Life in 2004 and every word u wrote there is GOLD.
By the look of things, i think you are desperate enough to give a performance of a lifetime..